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    Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021
    [ aka_snarkybitch ]
    In need of a new drinking buddy since my old one decided to have a ducking fucking kid.

    If you can hold your own, drop by The End Zone in Freedomtown.

    Lightweights need not apply.
    Monday, March 1st, 2021
    [ _whatsmyname ]
    I am free, really free. This is definitely not Gilead. I finally might have a chance to just be me, once I find out who I truly am.
    [ nessee ]
    Can I invite some friends over for my birthday this year? Please.

    [Arianna, Dani, Prim]
    How have you girls been? I feel like it has been forever since I have seen you all.

    We need to make a point to catch up more than once a year. How is everything going? What have you been up to?

    I turn 13 in 2 days! And high school this fall! I am kind of nervous but also excited!
    [ heckraiser ]
    Soooo, I decided to have some nice photos taken, for Martin and Maggie. But I ended up so happy with them that I thought I'd put them on here so everyone can see them. They were taken by Alex Standall, who is an amazing photographer.

    Surprise, M&M! I hope you both like them!

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    [ _starboy_ ]
    You know, I'm cocky enough to be the one to say it:

    The Young Avengers are the shit. We kicked SO much ass against those Imperial fuckwits.

    Haley and Kassie
    What're my girls up to today?
    [ darth_maul_ ]
    My mortal enemy visited me while I was recuperating, and said he was "extremely proud" of me.

    I have never felt more humiliated in my life.
    [ sonya_blade ]
    Video call *private to Cassie Cage*
    [The video feed shows the General in a hospital bed. Her left shoulder's in a brace and sling and her face is bears a few scrapes, but she's cleaned up and her coloring it almost normal.]

    Commander Cage?..[Her voice is pained and even as she tries to sound professional, her voice betrays a certain weariness] there?
    [ breakingbella ]
    Have you all been to Fangtasia, where I am a bartender? Well, you should make a point to come on in sometime soon, either way.

    So my daughter's birthday is coming up, but the only problem is that here she is not my daughter, so I was wondering if you wanted to do something that day? It's the third. I am not sure if I would be invited to anything the family does for her.
    [ archieandrews_ ]
    My girl is going to be famous soon, I just know it. As long as she still loves me when she is. Haha. Kidding.

    I have decided to go for a job in law enforcement. I have been doing security for so long at La Bonne Nuit, but now I feel the need for a change. Does anyone know who I would speak to about police school? Or on this planet does one just apply for the job? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    [Sheriff Hopper]
    My name is Archie Andrews and I am interested in working in law enforcement. I was told to reach out to you by Deputy Briggs.
    [ nimue__ ]
    Hello. I am Nimue. I have been here awhile but was not sure what to say on here, as we don't have internet where I come from. Now that my ward, Squirrel, is in school, though, I thought I would come on here and meet some of you fine people.

    Squirrel seems to be doing alright in school. I am happy for him. I feel as if I need to do more outside our home now, though. Do you have any suggestions on where to start?
    [ masterchefd ]
    Did I tell you I am going to be a father? Grace is pregnant, mate. I'm happy but also a little thrown off. Am I ready for this? Plus you know we're engaged, too, so we're looking for a home together, too. I think we might end up in Storybook near her family, though.
    [ thebestintent ]
    Can we talk? I wanted to ask you something.

    Hey there. Do you want to get together this week?

    How are you feeling?
    [ threequarters ]
    I never thought I'd be actually making music. It's weird how life works out here on Galador.
    [ whatsajar_jar ]
    Okay. I'm bored. Question time!

    What is your favorite color and why?
    Sunday, February 28th, 2021
    [ wasntready ]
    There's... no zombies. How is that possible?
    [ _malice_ ]
    This is the strangest world I could imagine.

    The Professor and the school are both here. But they're... nice. They help people. Mutants and humans alike.

    The Professor doesn't want me to hurt anyone, which blows my mind.

    And a good portion of The Brotherhood is here. The versions from my world. And they aren't fighting with The Professor.

    Could this be a real chance to live like a normal girl? I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's hard not to.
    [ queenofmean_ ]
    To my girls: You beauties know who you are and I am sorry for being quiet as a mouse lately. Once you write a song and there are many, you tend to lose sense of reality. We will hang out soon I promise! I swear I am not being a hermit!

    But in reality, the studio is an amazing place to be and I love everything about it. Granted, Auradon had music, but not a whole state of the art studio where I can develop my craft and show the world that while I am not the strongest singer out there, I have lots of music to share with the world. And that's on top of going to school too. So it's a lot but I am eager for the challenge.

    Speaking of school, I can't believe that it's my last year and that after this, I will be on my own so to speak. Salvatore's School has been an amazing place and I will miss it when I go. Will I do music full time? or go off to college? We shall see.

    Best part of this place is meeting my new friends, re-connecting with old ones from home and snagging myself the most handsome and sweetest guy as my boyfriend. Who knew that guys dug girls with pink hair?

    My birthday is also coming up!! Who wants to plan something with me?
    [ _lil_trouble_ ]
    So, me n' The Bestie went to that pornoriffic store Sexyland, in Commerceport. Figured we'd get some stuff to surprise our significant others with.

    In our 16 years of knowing each other, I don't know that I've ever seen Jenny more ashamed or mortified to know me. Except for maybe that time we went to the Christian Family Bookstore while in Pittsburgh (they had breath mints called TESTAMINTS for fuck's sake, Jen! Was I not supposed to laugh?)

    Anyhoo, the moral of the story is that even if you think you are incapable of being embarrassed, I find a way. In this case, it was was chasing Jenny around the store with a giant dildo while yelling "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!"
    Saturday, February 27th, 2021
    [ finchings ]
    Leave for college, show up another planet. Yeah that makes sense.
    [ _malice_ ]
    Shit. I can't believe this is happening to me. And I was ready to kill that over-happy bitch at the welcome center just on general fucking principle.

    This thing says The Professor is here... can you read this, sir? They won't let me leave here alone and I'm seriously a minute away from giving this bitch a migraine she'll literally never recover from.
    [ queen_of_rock ]
    Hey there, all my trollz out there! We finished the album today, now Rachelle and Baily just gotta put the finishing touches on editing it and it'll be good to go.

    So you'll all be back to seeing me around here more again soon. And really... Faye, Bella, and Ash all kicked so much ass in the studio, it's incredible. You guys are gonna love this.

    And shout out to my Hells Belles! I miss my girls!
    [ _val_ ]
    I still can't believe they made me take time off from the Angel Elite.

    And I don't even have a clue what to do down here.
    Friday, February 26th, 2021
    [ zombiefree ]

    You busy?
    [ polaroidcamera ]
    This is my first birthday in a long time that I'll be spending without my parents. I'm actually not sure how to celebrate it. I always let my mom do the planning, yes I did this as a grown adult. It's complicated.
    [ ri0t ]
    Since I'm usually working in either my armor or in clothes meant more for comfort than looking good, just thought I'd take a moment to give my girlfriend something to think about...

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